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Every launching is always a big deal. There is nothing more exciting than the previous phase of inspiration, references search and new trends. This is how we found Gik, the Blue wine that everyone is talking about.


Henry Arroway has always paid a special attention in the color selection of its collections. By the way, pantones are ordered to our suppliers in order to be more exclusive and unique in the appearance of our products.


This season, we bet for cobalt blue. A big update with our traditional patterns has been launched; we have reinvented the denim jacket.

Within this framework, we found this spirit of change in Gik Live and in our Marion style.
Limits are only mental boundaries. The value of design and innovation lies in its capacity to add value to the person who enjoys the experience.


Our wager? Gik Live, the wine brand for the ones that go away from establishments. We were delighted to try this great beverage at Kubrick’s Bar, in Bilbao. We were seduced by the new mixing proposals of the brand to enjoy Gik Live. They shared with us the passion with which they face the project.



¿Who is Gik Live? An enthusiastic young group of entrepreneurs, who has decided to unlearn everything it´s known about wine. They are dealers but they also sell online to the B2C.


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Henry Arroway • 10 May, 2016

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