Elegance in technical fabrics


Five destinations to travel with your coat this summer

Summer is around the corner and even though we have already filled our wardrobe with blouses, dresses and shorts, there are places in the world where the sun ray strike with less force. If you want to escape the summer hit, we propose five cool destinations that will not freeze you. FAROE ISLANDS This small…

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Safari Collection inspiration

Welcome to our safari! Set up your luggage for new adventures. This spring, Henry Arroway is exploring the African savannah to bring you a new collection inspired by the most outstanding wild landscapes, right away from the deepest heart of Africa to your wardrobe. For this season, we have reinvented the everlasting safari look taking…

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Eleonora, slim fit cut with spike cut

Elegant coat designed for most rigorous cold. Encapsulated down-filling system. Slim fit cut, removable hood with real toning racoon fur, injected front zipper and pockets with polar lining. Contains inner pockets for smartphone. Teflon finishing. 80/20 duck down feather filling. The garment´s length is: 82 cm.


Toronto, designed to shelter the most rigorous cold

Nylon parka padded inside with encapsulated down-filling system, to not escape the down or the feather. Slim fit cut, removable hood with silver fox fur and pockets with polar lining. More details: It contains inner pockets for smartphone. Teflon finishing. The garment length is: 80,5 cm. 90/10 duck down feather filling. Available colours: kakhi, navy…

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Get yourself warm with the coat Alexandra!

Alexandra protects you from the sunny winter days with your beautiful hood. Elegant coat designed to shelter the most rigorous cold, quilted by diamond pattern. Racoon hair tone, detachable hood, zippers double carriage and inner pole pockets. Elastic, personalyzed belt. Encapsulated thermoregulatory feather (takes another inner layer added to the feather not to escape). Gei…

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How must we wash our down garments?

First of all, we have to take in count that in case of fur hood, we must remove hood for correct washing. Then we must make a cold maschine wash, putting garment backwards and closing zip before washing. Soft soap it is recommended and to exceed 400 rpm dry-spin. Secondly, we leave it dry on…

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What is the difference between the down and the feather?

Down is the noble part of the plumage, but unlike the feather, there is very few of them into a bird: from 20 to 35 grams. Hence, its value increases. The weight of a single cup of down can even be ten times less than that of a feather. This huge difference is in that…

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ottawa-feathery jacket

Ottawa feathery jacket, ultralight for these autumnal days

Ottawa feathery jacket Henry Arroway is ideal for these days of October, in which begins to be felt cold. Its 90% down 10% white feather makes high-quality ultra-light and also being fitted it allows marking and stylizing the silhouette. Ottawa is the perfect basic that never gets old. More to these days, that the first…

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Every launching is always a big deal. There is nothing more exciting than the previous phase of inspiration, references search and new trends. This is how we found Gik, the Blue wine that everyone is talking about. Henry Arroway has always paid a special attention in the color selection of its collections. By the way,…

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Down jackets are not only for the coldest months of the year. We would like to introduce you our lightest down jackets for this spring. Elegant designs made with the latest techniques and materials. ¿Can down jackets be worn in spring? The answer is yes. Our garments are made with 90% duck down. This material…

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