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Five destinations to travel with your coat this summer

Summer is around the corner and even though we have already filled our wardrobe with blouses, dresses and shorts, there are places in the world where the sun ray strike with less force. If you want to escape the summer hit, we propose five cool destinations that will not freeze you.


This small archipelago, halfway between Iceland and Scotland, is a scenic jewel of the North Atlantic that hides fjords, cliffs and waterfalls that fall directly into the sea. Old Nordic kingdom, and currently belonging to the Danish crown, these 14 islands are a paradise for several species of birds and cetaceans. In spite of the difficult orography, they are relatively easy to travel by car and ferry thanks to a network of submarine tunnels and regular sea connections.


Its capital, Tórshavn, is a cultural beehive in the months of July and August. The festival of Olavsoka, which commemorates the death of the Norwegian king St. Olaf, stands out, and people there parade through the streets in traditional attires. In addition, several music festivals take place in the capital as well as in other towns, such as the G-Festival of Gøta, a charming village that hosts concerts by local and international artists.

Summer in Faroe is quite cold so if you want to stroll through the old town of the capital or to go on a ferry trip, you should better shelter yourself.


New Zealand is famous because of its breathtaking landscapes and its cities are well-known for having a high-quality lifestyle. Queenstown, on the South Island (or Te wai pounamu, in Maori), combines urban life and nature in equal parts and it is an exceptional example of all that the country can offer.

Sunset over the Remarkables and Queenstown from Skyline viewing platform, South Island, New Zealand - stock photo, canvas, fine art print

Despite its small size, Queenstown is a city full of life and activities. It is on the shore of Wakatipu Lake, which is surrounded by a mountain range belonging to the so-called Southern Alps. This privileged location has turned this New Zealand town into one of the most acclaimed tourist destinations for fans of adventure sports at any time of the year.

At this moment, being the southern hemisphere, they will be in the middle of winter, making it an exceptional opportunity to ski and snowboard, to enjoy the scenery through lake cruises and New Zealander wine tastings or know more about the history of the place closely linked to the gold rush.


And from the Southern Alps we jump to the North, specifically to one of its most acclaimed capitals: Grenoble. Yes, in summer it is hot in France, but we assure you that you will need to take a warm jacket with you when you go out at night or visit some of the places that surround the city.


This charming city has turned into a centre of international scientific development, as well as in a village where it is always winter. A few kilometres away from the city centre, you will find Les Deux Alpes, a ski slope which is open all year round and which takes advantage of the eternal cold of the largest glacier in Europe.

If you prefer to stroll, Grenoble will surprise you with amazing churches, museums, squares, terraces and unique buildings such as La Bastille, a medieval fortress which is accessed by cable car and from which you can see the valley of the river Isère where the city is situated.


Known as the end of the world, Ushuaia is one of the southernmost population centres on the planet and it is very cold during the whole year due to its proximity to Antarctica. It is the perfect starting point to know the remote region of Tierra del Fuego, characterized by inhospitable places of great attraction, as well as fiords and glaciers.


The winter sports activities are a constant that intensifies in the months of July and August, but you can enjoy other plans such as touring the Beagle Channel, visiting the famous Les Éclaireurs Lighthouse, visiting the Maritime Museum or tasting their traditional plates that combine the best of Argentine beef with local fish and seafood in a fusion that will activate all your senses.

The cultural activity is very intense during this time of the year, as it is the site of the End of the World Biennial and hosts innumerable art galleries and exhibitions.


The Hokkaido Island, in the north of Japan, is a unique place in this country. Sapporo is the city where most people live there, away from Tokyo and its frenetic lifestyle. There, the life happens calmly being involved in a pleasant atmosphere.


This city was built at the end of XIX century so it is almost new, but it conserves the Japanese essence everywhere. Its parks, the gardens, the gastronomy (worth mentioning the squid sushi) and its surroundings bring to your mind the north of Europe or Canada being miles away.

Sapporo is an excellent starting point to explore the rest of the island, the last stronghold of Ainu culture that has its own customs and language, and to be able to go all over the vast places of plain and mountain that have been inhabited by this ethnic group for millennia.


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Henry • 9 June, 2017

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