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ottawa-feathery jacket

Ottawa feathery jacket, ultralight for these autumnal days

Ottawa feathery jacket Henry Arroway is ideal for these days of October, in which begins to be felt cold. Its 90% down 10% white feather makes high-quality ultra-light and also being fitted it allows marking and stylizing the silhouette. Ottawa is the perfect basic that never gets old. More to these days, that the first drops fell down and for that the finished Teflon tissue causes the water repellent, so it becomes a thermostating garment. Dupont Teflon is a treatment by which has been traditionally used in the sails of the boat, which enables the garment 100% water repellent, while preventing the appearance of wrinkles. This leads to it a functional garment, while comfortable and durable.


Ottawa has another advantage: it is a product that can be stored inside its internal bag. And this is so, because it comes with a built-bag, to be saved comfortably. Thus, Ottawa is not only a sports garment, finished with care and quality materials, but innovation of the tissue rises to combine its autumnal tones: The charming mixture of navy with fuchsia, the original green – champán, the showy silver – cobalt, the serene cobalt – silver, or the brisk hermés – champagne.


The success of this joint jacket comes greatly when combines with jeans in smooth tones such as: white, beige, blue, black … What makes it be a casual garment, which will undoubtedly be a trend this fall. Another of its strengths is its length of: 64.5 cm. Simple, manageable and invisible zipper pockets, highlighting the elegance of its simplicity, unadorned. A versatile jacket suitable for showing off with other garments more shelter, or outside, with jerseys or shirts in its interior. That is easy!

Do yourself with your garment limited edition! There are about 300 units, which are unique to maintain the exclusivity of the brand Henry Arroway. You can start the fall comfortably seeing the first leaves fall from the trees, and the first drops of rain to the shelter of your comforting exclusive plumífero Ottawa.

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Henry • 13 October, 2016

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