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What is the difference between the down and the feather?

Down is the noble part of the plumage, but unlike the feather, there is very few of them into a bird: from 20 to 35 grams. Hence, its value increases. The weight of a single cup of down can even be ten times less than that of a feather. This huge difference is in that the quality of padding is measured in the percentage of down compared to the amount of feather. Even with a small amount of small feather, but not more than 10%, the elasticity that follows the garment is considerable greater the more amount of down is as automatically improve the quality of the garment in terms of softness, lightness and volume.

Therefore, the best filler is which is composed of no less than 90% of down and no more than 10% of small feathers.

Perhaps we should aim a more significant fact: there are both down and feather plumage of geese and ducks. However, down is a three-dimensional cup, which does not have the typical central barrel of feathers. This ball is composed of a central core and ultra thin numerous and elastic filaments, which are the reason for its thermal insulating cualidadades. Down it is synonymous with adaptability in terms of lightness, warmth and comfort.


The size and density of the filaments of each cup determine the quality of padding. From here derives the difference between goose and duck. The duck feather ball has the same structure as the goose, but is smaller and has fewer filaments. This means that a duck feather has less filling power. There are also differences between the downy bird varieties white or gray. The gray down of a goose or duck is better than the white of a goose or a duck.

Understanding down, therefore it is a simple matter. There are no magic formulas. It depends on the composition of the mixture and its origin. The best down is; without doubt, the goose or duck, with a radius of 90% down and 10% feather. Down it is synonymous with lightness and thermal insulation, water repellent and breathable. In the next post we will explain how to wash down garments.

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Henry Arroway • 18 October, 2016

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